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Whether Buying or Selling a Home, . . .
the success of your real estate transaction will be determined by the skills, experience and dedication of the person that manages your transaction. That person, (usually a Realtor), will hold the keys to what is possibly the most significant transaction of your lifetime, so you must have every confidence in the person you select to fill that role.

In our do-it-yourself society, it is natural to just go out and start looking or, if selling, to just stick a for sale by owner sign out on the front lawn. It is a tendency that you should resist when dealing your life savings or your future. You want a professional to guide you through the process. Your primary task, your most important decision, is hiring the best person to serve as your personal representative. Be skeptical of what you are told - check the facts.

 How often have you told yourself, . . .
"if I had only known then what I know now, I would have done things differently?" That's the idea behind this web site - to help you learn now what you wouldn't have known until it was too late.

This site does not rely on flashing lights, pizzazz and hype. At first glance it may appear limited on selections but each selection represents a key area of consumer concern and is, or soon to be, deep with helpful information. So, pick the primary topic that interests you and take the journey into a variety of related topics. The information is, to the best of my ability, accurate and is the same information I would provide to members of my own family. I intend to show you I am worthy of your business.

 A key point:

Do not confuse buying and selling real property
with the  sale of personal property.

Real Estate is not a simple transaction like the sale of a car. Real Estate is an intricate process because it is a real and permanent asset that will continue on forever. New real estate cannot be manufactured, there is only as much as there is. Accordingly, the ownership of real estate is closely monitored and regulated. Along with the rights and benefits of owning real estate, there are also numerous accountabilities. When the ownership of a property changes, there are very specific actions, recordings, disclosures and procedures that must be performed to assure that all rights and responsibilities are correctly passed and recorded. Requirements vary from state to state and by local jurisdiction. The person managing the transaction must be aware of all the local requirements and responsibilities and assure that all proper disclosures are made.

Because real estate is such an intricate process, nearly every deal presents challenges that can threaten the success of the transaction. You (or your agent) must be able to detect potential challenges early on and keep them from becoming deal breakers. This is where experience and problem solving skills pay off big. So, do your homework (no pun intended) or engage someone that has the knowledge and experience to manage your transaction.

A Short Commercial About My Site & Service

My business philosophy is based on the belief that Quality Service is the foundation of a successful business. I provide a flexible service that fits the needs of the client; NOT bend the client to fit the service. I strive to shield my clients from the worries and aggravations that people tend to encounter when buying or selling a home. I invite you to check out my Privacy Statement and welcome you to contact me if you have any questions. If you want to learn more about me or are just wondering where our paths may have crossed, I have included some details about myself in the For Your Information section of this site.

I have tried to keep the site simple and user friendly. I suggest beginning at the beginning. If thinking about selling a home, click on the Information For Sellers button. If thinking about buying a home, click on Information For Buyers. To explore the site, go back to the top of the page and click on one of the topic buttons on the left. How can I help you today?


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